Top Ten Beer Brands In India

Beer is the third most widely consumed drink after tea & coffee & the first most famous alcoholic drink in the world.

We have an enormous market for the best red wines in India and some of the most popular white wines in India, but the beer still dominates all other alcohol.

There are several imported and Indian Beer brands available in the Indian Market.

Here, we are going to discuss the top 10 Indian & most Popular Beer brands in India.



1. Kingfisher
2. Carlsberg
3. Budweiser
4. Tuborg
5. Heineken
6. Foster’s
7. Corona Extra
8. Haywards 5000
9. Hoegaarden
10. Godfather


1. Kingfisher Beer

Kingfisher Beer

Kingfisher is India’s largest selling beer and is widely popular among youngsters. The Kingfisher beer’s available variants collection includes both lighter beers, including Kingfisher Lager and Kingfisher Premium.

Kingfisher beer has a mixed flavor of malty and citrusy grains, Kingfisher beers seem to be fresh in flavor.

There are many variants available in the market like the kingfisher Ultra, Kingfisher Premium & kingfisher Blue catering to a large number of people.

The top 10 beer seller in India is Kingfisher Strong, which is the hard beer with eight percent alcohol.

Kingfisher beer Available variants:

Blue- 8%ABV

Strong- 8% ABV

Premium- 4.8% ABV

Ultra- 5% ABV

Kingfisher beer Price:

Strong- INR 150 (650ml)

Premium- INR 145 (650ml)

Can- INR 120 (500ml)

Beer Flavor:

Sweet and Malty

Food Mate:

Kebabs, Barbeque, Chocolate, Burger




2. Carlsberg Beer

Carlsberg Beer

Carlsberg Elephant Strong Super Premium, which is incredibly powerful and emerges with a dynamic malted character, will likely be the largest type of sale in Carlsberg beers. Carlsberg was started in Britain, the company gained global recognition, and in 1868 the company began to export its goods to several nations.

Available variants

Carlsberg Elephant strong Malt Premium- 7% ABV

Carlsberg Malt Premium- 5% ABV

Carlsberg Classic- 7% ABV


Sweet and Malty with a smooth finish

Food Mate

Steak, Pizza and Sausage

Carlsberg Price

Strong Malt Premium- INR 170 (650ml)

Malt Premium- INR 165 (650ml)

Can Elephant strong Malt Premium – INR 140 (500ml)




3. Budweiser Beer

Budweiser Beer

“It is my aim to win the American people over… to make them all lovers of beer.” – Adolphus Busch, the founder of Budweiser. In 1857 he moved from Germany to the United States to fulfill his dream. In a short time, Budweiser gained popularity not only in America but throughout the world. Budweiser beer became one of the most celebrated beer brands in the world. Budweiser beer is crunchy & aromatic with a smooth finish. The fresh flavors make it ideal for consumption in warm weather. It is a front-runner and one of the best beer brands in India.

Available variants

Budweiser Magnum Strong- 6.5 % ABV

Budweiser Premium- 5 % ABV


Sweet rice flavor with hop variants

Food Mate

Pizza, light snacks, and Sliders


Budweiser Magnum Strong- INR 280 (650ml)


4. Tuborg Beer

Tuborg Beer

Tuborg beer is a Danish brewery set up by Carl Frederik Tietgen in 1873. The brand name has an interesting story. It was not named after an individual, but rather a small place, a hostel, where people used to meet. It belonged to a Jona Thues.

Tuborg beer has a very stronger flavor than other beer brands available in the market. Tuborg beer is moderately strong, fresh, and crunchy with a slight bitterness at the end.

Available variants

Tuborg Strong premium – 8 % ABV

Tuborg Green – 4.6 % ABV


Flower and roasted grains

Food Mate

Salads, Indian spicy food


Tuborg Strong premium – INR 130 (650ml)

Tuborg Strong premium – INR 110 (650ml)




5. Heineken Beer

Tuborg Beer

Heineken is a Dutch firm that has been making beers since 1873. The Heineken beer company was started by Gerard Adriaan Heineken.

In its initial years, the brand won many awards, including Medaille d’Orr (Gold Medal) at the International Maritime Exhibition & Grand Prix at the Exposition Universelle in Paris. As it grew in popularity, It was dispatched to many countries.

It is just made with three components of barley, hops, and distilled water giving it a distinctive flavor that has been consistent over the years. Heineken beer is a pilsner-styled Lager beer with a deep golden color & mildly bitter taste.

Available variants

Heineken strong great beer – 5 % ABV


Sweet and strong flavor with balanced hop aroma

Food Mate

Salads, Indian light food


Heineken strong great beer – 200 (650 ml)




6. Foster’s Beer

Foster's Beer

If Australia and India have something in common, it should be Foster’s beer. It is the favorite beer brand of foster families in Australia and is also loved in India. Foster’s beer is the largest selling Australian brand in the world.

The company was established by Wiliam and Ralph Foster in 1887. These brothers were so determined to sell the beer that they sold it with ice to serve cold beer on a warm day in Australia.

Foster is a lightweight lager beer with a clean and crispy flavor and a slight hop bitterness at the end.

Foster’s Available variants

Premium strong beer – 4 % ABV


Lightly hop bitterness and Malty

Food Mate

Chocolates, Crisps, and Burgers

Foster’s Premium Beer Price

Strong beer – INR 130 (650 ml)

Can beer – INR 95 (330 ml)




7. Corona Extra Beer

Corona Extra Beer

Corona Extra is produced in Mexico, but the company belongs to AB InBev Belgium. If you want a fresh & crunchy summer beer, Corona is the answer! It is refreshingly flavorful & clean, perfect for a day on the beach.

It was first produced in 1925 at the Cervecería Modelo in Mexico City.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, people have started linking corona beer to the pandemic. According to a poll conducted by a firm, 38% of Americans said they would no longer buy Corona beer.

However, only four percent of regular users of Corona beer said they would stop drinking beer after the completion of coronavirus containment. Corona is a typical American blonde beer with a slight smoothness and a hint of hops. Make the most of it with a piece of lemon for the pie.

Available variants

Corona Extra Beer – 4.5 % ABV


Malty, sweet and tasty

Food Mate

Steak, Spicy food and Burgers


Corona Extra Beer – 290 (355 ml)




8. Haywards 5000 Beer

Haywards 5000 Beer

Haywards 5000 is one of the most popular beer brands in India due to its high flavor and medium price. It is particularly popular in the states of northern India such as Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Delhi, etc.

This brand was established in the early 1900s, while its flagship product Haywards 5000 was launched in 1978. It is a front runner in the Indian Beer market available throughout the country across restaurants & bars. People like or don’t like aftertaste. The brand also produces a very powerful Haywards 10000 variant.

Haywards 5000 Available variants

Ultra-strong beer – 7 % ABV


Slight grains with sweetness and Strong Flavored

Food Mate

Light Snack, Salads

Haywards 5000 Price

Ultra-strong beer – INR 120 (500 ml)

Ultra-strong beer – INR 95 (350 ml)




9. Hoegaarden Beer

Hoegaarden Beer

Hoegaarden Beer is a product of Hoegaarden Brewery. It was established in the 1800s. Today, 9 out of 10 breweries in Belgium are from Hoegaarden.

Want to experience India’s most delicious and rich beer? Go for Hoegaarden Beer! At present, it is one of the most popular beer brands in India and a sure winner because of its exotic taste.

Pick one for an afternoon brunch, beach party, or barbecue. It is best served cooled with a slice of lemon or orange to supplement its flavors.

 Available variants

Hoegaarden Beer – 4.9 % ABV


Smooth taste with herbs and citrus

Food Mate

Kebabs, Barbeque, and Burgers


Hoegaarden beer – INR 260 (330 ml)




10. Godfather


The godfather is an incredibly simple lager to drink, which has a sweet taste of the main soft grain crops, complemented by a prominent touch of smoke and lots of body.

Compared to the standard 10-15 days, what may be different from Godfather beer is a longer manufacturing time, which continues for twenty-five days. It makes it look and taste cleaner. Godfather strong and Lite beers, such as Kingfisher Premium, look pretty bitter as other lager beers.

It is popular with young people, Godfather is mostly consumed. Depending on the economy, the company has a client base of approximately 20-50 percent.

Available variants

Godfather strong beer – 7.5 % ABV

Godfather Lager beer – 5 % ABV

Godfather Lite beer – 4.5 % ABV


Slight grains and Strong Flavored

Food Mate

Light Snack and Salads

Godfather Price

Strong beer – INR 180 (650 ml)




(Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only. Neither we promote nor encourage anyone to drink alcoholic products. The author doesn’t consume any alcoholic products. The price shown in this article is indicative and widely varies in different states)


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