Bank PO Exam

What is the full form of Bank PO? The full form of Bank PO is “Bank Probationary Officer”. It is one of the most reputed and highly prestigious jobs in the banking sector. Those candidates who wish to start a career in the banking sector must know every small detail about the Probationary Officer (PO) exam as it is one

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Types of Bank Loans

There are various types of bank loans available in India, and they can be classified into the following categories; Home loan Gold loans Loans against fixed deposits Loan against property Loans against mutual funds and shares Loans against insurance policies Personal loans Short-term business loans Education loans Vehicle loans Overdraft Agricultural loans 1. Home Loan: Everyone has a dream of

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Types of Bank accounts

Types of Bank accounts:- Savings account Current account Salary account No frill or Zero-balance account Fixed deposit account Recurring account NRI account Freeze account Demat account 1. Savings account: A savings account is a very basic type of bank account that can be opened in almost all banks i.e. Private as well as public sector banks. It is used for

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