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Governor General of India

The Governor-General was the supreme post in India during the British era. Before the Governor-General’s post, there was a post of Governor of Bengal (1757 – 74) and then Governor-General of Bengal (1774 – 1833). The post of governor-general of India started in 1833. From 1858, The governors-general were also named the Viceroy of India. After the revolt of 1857,

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Cricket World Cup Winners List – List of ODI World Cup Winners, Runner-Ups, Hosting Countries and Man of the Tournament

The Cricket world cup started in 1975. The first One-day International (ODI) cricket world cup winner was West Indies and the runner-up was Australia. It was hosted by England. These matches were of 60 overs per side. However, the number of overs was reduced to 50 per side from 1987. India won the ODI cricket world cup in 1983 and

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