How to Face Interview

The only term I coin here for success is Preparation. Many of us neglect this even when we know how one can get the results when prepared. Therefore, always prepare yourself so that you can face the interview confidently and get the desired results.

“How to face an interview” is a very common question, With this article, we will explain some of the most important and efficient techniques which will help you in fruitfully clearing your interview. Let’s start;


1. First and Foremost is the Research:

Research about company before interview

Read about the Company for which one is going to be interviewed. Search the website, Social channels like LinkedIn, etc. Having information about the prospective employer is good for a candidate and shows the interest of the candidate in the job and the company. Also, the Job description is the key to prepare for the relevant questions and answers which the interviewer can ask.


2. Dress to Impress and Success:

Interview room

Follow the Dress Code, if any, mentioned by the Interviewer. Otherwise, the Golden rule is to wear a Suit for men or Business casuals with Tie and The Conservative business suit for women. Do not dazzle and Flash. Be well-groomed and wear a Smile.


3. A complete set of Documents:


Better to File all relevant documents in chronological order. Keep extra sets of Resume. You may need them when the interviewer/s doesn’t have a copy. Also, bring a notepad and pen to take notes.


4. Time:

be on time for interview

Be on time. Reach at least Ten minutes before the start of the interview. Verify the address details one day before the interview and plan your way accordingly. You can use Google Maps too.


5. Body Language:

Look Confident. Confidence will be there if you are prepared and dressed well for the interview. Greet the Interviewer/s when you meet them and have a firm Handshake with a Smile.


Make good Posture. Don’t lean backwards on the Chair. Sit straight. Stay Calm and Avoid Stress. And make sure that while speaking with the Interviewer you make eye contact. Put your phone on silent or better be switched off before entering the office.


6. Prepare your Questions too:

At last, ask your questions or doubts, if any. Asking questions shows your interest in the position for which the interview is taken. End the interview with a thank you to the interviewer.


7. Follow up:

Last but not the least, is you can follow up with the interviewer through email restating your interest in the position. And it will also remind the interviewer of your details.


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This article is written by

Mr. Raj Mehta
Human Resources Professional