How To Join Raw

In this article, we will explain What is RAW? and How to Join RAW?

RAW is India’s leading intelligence agency. The full form of RAW is the “Research and Analysis Wing” of India.

How to join RAW

Do you remember the above image of Salman Khan in EK THA TIGER, He played the role of a “RAW AGENT” in this movie.

What is RAW?


RAW was established in 1968.  The primary reason for the formation of RAW in 1968 was the lack of intelligence revealed in the wars of 1962 and 1965, which India fought.

RAW has participated in a number of incidents such as the 1971 war, India’s emerging influence in Afghanistan, the India-China war, India- Pakistan Relationships, the accession of Sikkim, the safety of the Indian nuclear program, etc. Over time, the aims of RAW have been expanded to include:

  • Pursue control and limitation of military supplies in Pakistan, primarily from European countries, the USA, and China.
  • Monitor political and military developments in neighboring countries that have a direct impact on India’s national security and foreign policy formulation.


What RAW Does?

It focuses on collecting and analyzing foreign intelligence on the basis of solid foreign policy-based inputs on a daily basis. Intelligence Bureau used to take care of foreign intelligence based on solid foreign policy-based inputs. RAW or the Research and Analysis Wing, of India, is her primary foreign intelligence agency.

RAW also works on other purposes like espionage, sabotage, counter-intelligence, civil defense, security, and disaster management, etc. In terms of transparency, RAW is more consistent than its foreign counterparts such as the CIA (USA), MI6 (UK), and Mossad (Israel).

RAW’s inputs are useful to the Indian government in combating terror activities in India and abroad. The raw officers track terrorists. RAW establishes high-level contacts with the governments of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Pakistan, and India. RAW keeps an eye on the activities of Indian and Pakistani terrorist groups in N.E. Asia. RAW issues threats to terror groups and works with anti-terrorist agencies to thwart any anti-India activity in the region.


Basic Eligibility Criteria

This classified organization is sought after by numerous young aspirants wishing to serve the country. People working in RAW are renowned and respected. To qualify for the different vacant positions in RAW, applicants must meet the following RAW eligibility criteria:

Educational Qualifications:

1. Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree from a reputable institution.

2. Post Graduation, Knowledge of Admin Culture & able to Speak, Read & write at least one foreign language will be an additional advantage but not mandatory.

Age Limits:

  1. Candidates should be younger than 52 years of age.
  2. There are no prescribed age limits in any of these departments.


  1. Candidates must be an Indian Citizen.
  2. Candidates must not have a criminal background.
  3. Candidates must know about the working pattern of the Para-Military forces of India.


How To Join RAW?

There is no specific exam for recruitment in RAW. Rather the recruitment in the RAW is done through different sources/services. Some of the sources through which the recruitment to RAW is done are;

  1. Intelligence Bureau (IB)
  2. Lateral entry by UPSC Exam
  3. Armed Forces
  4. Direct appointment by the prime minister

An existing Intelligence Bureau (IB) officer can be selected to work for RAW or an existing civil servant (IAS/IPS/IFS) can also be selected for RAW, serving officers of armed forces such as the military, army or a navy staff can be also be chosen to serve the RAW as an officer. However, These officers must resign permanently from the forces and join them. There is no direct entry exam for the selection in RAW. The Raw officers are selected or chosen from other government departments and services (as mentioned above).

Now as explained above, RAW recruits its officers from Intelligence Bureau too. Hence to join RAW, One can join the IB, and later they can work for RAW (If selected). There are two ways to join RAW through Intelligence Bureau, these are;

  • The best way to join the RAW as an officer is, to give UPSC-Public Service Exam, and obtain a good rank to become an IPS officer, serve within your allotted time frame, and then go to the IB on probation. Next, there are two options: one if you have exceptional skills and a better experience in the installed base, and if desired, you may be absorbed by the IB (HQ)-Intelligence Bureau-Headquarter Framework within which you serve the IB throughout your mandate. Second is, you may return to your state cadre & can switch from IB to RAW and get in touch with many senior officials.
  • You have to either clear the SSC CGL exam or give the exam of ACIO-Assistant Central Intelligence Officer taken by the Home Ministry of India. Once you are selected, after further promotions, you may become DCIO-Deputy Central Intelligence Officer in IB which is a grade-A position.

The following table shows the job positions in different Wings:

Secretary (R) Class I / Group A Officers
Special Secretary/Additional Secretary Class I / Group A Officers
 Director/Deputy Secretary Class I / Group A Officers
Joint Secretary Class I / Group A Officers
Senior Field Officer Group A Officers
Field Officer Group B Officers
Deputy Field Officer Group B Officers
Assistant Field Officer Group C Officers


Training of a RAW officer:

The training of RAW officers starts preliminary in his/her academy if he/she has been selected directly after that applicant must attend the Dehradun Indian Military Academy for perfection in their skills. The period of training is 1-2 years. Training about real-life circumstances, practical applications to deal with such circumstances, they will need to learn the following as well.

  1. Allocate a suitable place to avoid arrest
  2. Self-motivation & What to do during an Interrogation?
  3. Study life in different countries by exfiltration and infiltration.
  4. How to use surveillance devices? Study, people of countries and their languages. Study a language. Study a country.
  5. Research and Planning Organization of India – An organization under the Ministry of Home Affairs to undertake its all-day exercises to read RAW reports or files.


RAW’S actions in recent days:

1. In February 2020, Indian customs agents arrested a Chinese ship from the port of Shanghai, Kandla Harbour. The boat was bound from Port Qasim to Karachi. It has been seized for misreporting an autoclave, which can be used in the ballistic missile firing process, such as an industrial dryer. This input was carried out on information from R&AW.

2. During the clashes between China and India in 2020, the SFF, which reports to R&AW, reportedly conducted operations in Ladakh, including capturing heights near Pangong Tso

3. In another incident, an official statement by the Indian army stated: Indian troops prevented this PLA activity on the south shore of Pangong Tso, has taken measures to strengthen our position and counteract Chinese intentions to unilaterally alter the facts on the ground.”  On September 1, 2020, the company leader Nyima Tenzin of SFF died in a land mine explosion during a reconnaissance mission along the LAC.

4. In 2018-19, R&AW undertook numerous operations that brought the ISI and MSS intelligence network to a standstill in the Maldives.



India has some of the best-trained foreign intelligence service officers in the world.

RAW offices abroad have some limited roles like collecting military, economic, scientific, and political intelligence and managing the activities of the organizations working abroad.

Almost all the training institutes in India that are related to the foreign intelligence service, special branch, intelligence department, foreign secret service, counterintelligence department, general intelligence, counter-espionage, foreign agents bureau, directly or indirectly engaged in disinformation campaigns, espionage, and sabotage against the other neighboring countries of India.

A person is not allowed to join a foreign intelligence service after having received any post in India’s intelligence organizations.




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