Objectives, Scope and Importance of Environmental Studies

As we know that environment is very important for living beings as well as for nonliving things. It maintains the proper balance on the earth, as it recycles the resources through a complete cycle, in which various process are involved.

A healthy environment supports in growing and nurturing the living and nonliving things on the earth and makes the condition suitable for life.

Environment initiates the interaction between various components which is crucial for life. 

But in recent times, anthropological activities have affected the stability and dynamics of the environment and impacted negatively which resulted in an imbalance in the environment.


What is the objective of environmental studies?

Nowadays the human activities have crossed their limits and have brought an imbalance between the interaction of human beings, living things, and the environment which has created various challenges for our environment.

Environmental studies are meant to bring balance between the environment and the living things through various objectives such as;

1. Awareness:

One of the important things of environmental studies is to create awareness among stakeholders and make them aware of the issues related to the environment in this era of development. The awareness can be created by various means like Nukkad at the village level, using media, and through campaigning.


2. Harmony: 

The environment provides a platform where interaction between the various living beings and non-living beings occurs. So it is important to make harmony and understanding between the various developmental projects but the development should not be done be at the cost of degradation of the environment.


3. Knowledge:

In Environmental study, we can share the knowledge which can be used for research and development. Further, the knowledge can be used for future predictions and the impact of any action can be determined. So environmental studies provide a knowledge base related to the environment.


4. Attitude:

Attitude towards the environment is very important as environmental studies provide the positive behavior of the people towards the environment and try to convert the negative attitude to a positive attitude through highlighting or showcasing the importance of the environment for life.


5. Participation:

The environment provides everything to everyone which is important for life and it is important for every person to participate to conserve the environment through the individual level.

Environmental studies provide approaches where people can participate to conserve the environment.


6. Evaluation:

Every action has a reaction, in the era of globalization action of human being impact the environment negatively so environmental studies evaluate impact, which may be positive or negative, created by the human being.


7. Capacity building:

To minimize the negative impact, some research and development (R&D) is done by environmental studies with a focus to create a capacity building at the individual and at Society level to minimize the negative impact of the human being.


8. Motivation:

Last but not least, environmental studies provide motivation at every level which focuses to create mutual benefits to the environment, where everyone can act in a sustainable manner with harmony.


Scope of environmental studies:

In simple words, the scope includes: what is needed to be done in the future as well as in the present to make the environment sustainable, The scope of environmental studies listed below;


1. Prioritise the environment: The developmental projects degrade the balance, hence negligence of the environment should be a big concern for any project.

2. Ecological balance: It means that the conservation of biodiversity needs to be done in a way to maintain ecological balance.

3. Environment impact assessment: Necessary assessment of the impact on the environment should be done and strong and strong law needs to be implemented. The environmental impact assessment brings the reality of the action.

4. Research and Development: The research and development (R&D) and the expenditure by the government need to improve.

5. Environmental activism: It should be there to create pressure as well as awareness to people.

6. Environmental science: It is required for the scientific study of the environment and also to study human interaction and intervention with the environment.

7. Environmental engineering in which the technology intervention reuired for maintaining the environmental balance.

8. Development and growth, as development should not be at the cost of the environment, and inclusive growth should be emphasized.

9. Industry and environment: Industries are creating waste and diluting the harmony between the environment and biodiversity in marine ecosystems that need to be controlled.


Importance of environmental studies:

1. Environmental studies provide efficient use of resources in a balanced manner that the using of resources will not impact the environment in a negative manner.

2. Conservation through environmental study provides a way to conserve the environment and biodiversity and maintain sustainability in the environment.

3. The professionals with a degree in environmental-related subjects are aware of the ecosystem which leads to creating a harmonious interaction between the people and the environment.

4. Environmental studies provide higher priority to the environmental issue at the global and at the local level, it also creates an interrelation between the ecosystem and ecology.

5. Through environmental studies we are able to find the problems of wildlife and tried to solve the problem through using research and development (R&D).

6. Provide the alternative solution to the permanent problem.

7. Through environmental study we try to achieve this sustainable development goal which focuses on the sustainable use of resources through a common goal.

8. The environmental study provides planning with a focus on the execution of the action in a proper manner that should not disturb the environment and ecology.

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This article is written by;

Mr. Pankaj Kumar Gupta

(Email ID: [email protected])