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Government Jobs for Mechanical Engineers

If you are a Mechanical Engineer or a Mechanical Engineering student and want to know about the job opportunities in the Government sector, then this article will surely help you. To start with, I will divide the jobs into two categories i.e. Central Government Jobs & State Government Jobs. Central Government Jobs: The key features of Central Government jobs are Handsome salary On-time payment Good increments Timely promotions Huge allowances Social reputation and influence over society Job tenure surety Recession-proof etc. These are some of the unique features of a Government job. The Central Government jobs can be further categorized into; 1. Administrative & Engineering...

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Mechanical Engineering Subjects

The duration of the Mechanical engineering course (BE or B Tech) is 4 Years. These 4 years are further divided into 8 semesters and in each semester, 5 to 6 theory subjects and 2 - 3 practical subjects are covered. Overall, a Mechanical Engineer studies more than 55 subjects in their 4-year college tenure. The first year i.e. the first two semesters is common for all Engineering branches. Thereafter, from the second year i.e. 3rd semester, onwards each branch teaches their specialized subjects to their students. For example, the Mechanical Engineering students will study their mechanical related subjects and other branches such as computer science...

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Mechanical Engineer Salary

While talking about the average salary of a Mechanical Engineer we need to consider their experiences too because the salary is more or less related to the experience. It means salary keeps on increasing with experience. This article is divided into two segments. The first segment will be focused on the average salary of a fresh Mechanical Engineer and the second segment will cover the average salary of an experienced mechanical engineer.   The average salary of a fresh Mechanical Engineer (In India): If an Engineer is placed during a campus interview, then he/she may expect a package of INR 3,00,000/Annum on average. Well if...

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How to Face Interview

The only term I coin here for success is Preparation. Many of us neglect this even when we know how one can get the results when prepared. Therefore, always prepare yourself so that you can face the interview confidently and get the desired results. "How to face an interview" is a very common question, With this article, we will explain some of the most important and efficient techniques which will help you in fruitfully clearing your interview. Let's start;   1. First and Foremost is the Research: Read about the Company for which one is going to be interviewed. Search the website, Social channels like...

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Career options for Mechanical Engineers

Some fundamental questions, which comes to the minds of final year (or pre-final year) mechanical engineering students or fresh graduate engineers are; Which field is the best? Which industry/Sector can give good growth? How to search for a job if not placed in any company through campus interview? Moreover, where (Which city) to go for a job search? These are some of the basic questions, which always encircle the mind of a final year student or a fresh graduate engineer. Before giving answers to these questions, let's have a look at the industries/sectors which prominently recruit mechanical engineers.   List of Industries/Sectors where mechanical Engineers...

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Human Values and Professional Ethics

Human Values are defined as the values which are related with the essence of the human element or human beings as humans i.e. when a human has an interface with other fellow being there should be a reflection of human elements such as feelings, emotions, dignity, respect, etc. Human values are standards of conduct based on the essence of humans which guides the human interface. As a human people have feelings, emotions, love, etc. and therefore there should be mutual respect that is one human should respect other human emotions & feelings. Other human values are: The integrity of self. Empathy- thinking from other perspectives....

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Powers and Functions of the Prime Minister of India

" Prime Minister is a moon among lesser stars" – Sir William Vernor Harcourt   India has a parliamentary system of government in which the Prime Minister is the executive head in a real sense and the president is the executive head in a nominal sense. Indian constitution provides the system of two types of Executive, one is real which is Prime Minister and the other one is nominal which is President. In Indian democracy, Prime Minister is the head of the government which is formed by the Council of Ministers. In other words, we can say that the president is the head of the...

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Types of cooperative societies in India and cooperative Society Act

Cooperatives or cooperative societies are an autonomous association of people who come together for their socio-economic needs and goals. Cooperatives are democratically owned and each member has a single vote. A cooperative society may be: Owned by people who use the services (Consumer Cooperative). Owned by people who work there. Owner from different stakeholder groups. Platform cooperative that owned website through which sale of Good Occur. Any Cooperative Society has the following principle: Membership is voluntary and open for all. Democratic in nature i.e. each member has one vote. Economic participation of members. Cooperatives are independent and autonomous. Cooperatives also cooperate among themselves. The main...

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Wildlife Conservation Efforts in India

Wildlife is a very broad term that generally means different species of plants and animals which live in a natural habitat. Generally, the wildlife animals live in forests and are not domesticated. India has very rich wildlife. Conservation of wildlife is fundamental to ecologically sustainable development. There are various threats to the wildlife in India: 1. Natural Causes: Floods Earthquake Landslides Rivalry among species Lack of pollination and diseases 2. Man-made causes: Habitat destruction. Uncontrolled commercial exploitation. Conversion of rich Bio-diversity sites for human settlement and industrial development. Extension of Agriculture. Pollution Filling up of wetlands. Destruction of Coastal areas. To address these challenges, the...

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International Solar Alliance (ISA)

International Solar Alliance (ISA) is a group of 121 countries that mainly lies, completely or partially, between tropic of cancer and tropic of Capricorn. The main aim behind the International solar alliance is to use solar energy in spite of energy based on fossil fuels. This initiative was mainly propagated by the Indian Prime minister Shri. Narendra Modi with the close cooperation of France president Emmanuel Macron. The alliance is a treaty-based International organization. Membership of the international solar alliance is not only limited to the countries between tropic of cancer and tropic of Capricorn but also other countries but without voting rights. ISA is...

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Masti Time

gf – bf

So, what exactly is a girlfriend (gf) or boyfriend (bf)? A girlfriend or boyfriend is a person with whom you share a romantic relationship. They are someone you are deeply connected to, love, and care for. Spending time together, going on dates, and sharing thoughts and feelings are all part of a gf/bf relationship. The...

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