Mechanical Engineer Salary

While talking about the average salary of a Mechanical Engineer we need to consider their experiences too because the salary is more or less related to the experience. It means salary keeps on increasing with experience.

This article is divided into two segments. The first segment will be focused on the average salary of a fresh Mechanical Engineer and the second segment will cover the average salary of an experienced mechanical engineer.


The average salary of a fresh Mechanical Engineer (In India):

If an Engineer is placed during a campus interview, then he/she may expect a package of INR 3,00,000/Annum on average. Well if we talk about a broad range then the minimum package offered during a campus interview could be up to 1,80,000/Annum and the maximum offer could be 4,50,000/Annum (quite rare). This is a very broad range, but most of the time this range is between 2,50,000/Annum – 3,50,000/Annum. The premier institute students such as IIT’s may expect even more than that.

This was about the salary package offered during campus interviews. However, not all Mechanical Engineers are lucky enough to receive a job offer during campus interviews. Hence many Engineers have to struggle for a job after completion of their BE/BTech. Degree.

The average salary of a fresh Mechanical Engineer who is not placed during campus job interviews is quite low. The salary range which is offered to them is between INR 7000/Month to INR 12000/Month. More or less this range depends on cities also. Like many small companies in Pune/Mumbai offers 7000-8000 per month. However, the companies in Delhi/NCR offer between 10000-12000 per month.


The average salary of an experienced Mechanical Engineer (In India):

For a Mechanical Engineer with 3 years of experience (without campus placement), an ideal salary range is INR 3,00,000/Annum i.e. 25,000/Month. Even if you have started your career with a very low salary i.e. 7000/month, you have always a chance for growth. Moreover, many engineers are getting a salary between 25000 – 30000 per month after having 3 years of work experience.

Hence, it can be concluded that the starting salary never matters, and chances of growth with experience always exist.

Now, we shall talk about the average salary for a Mechanical Engineer with 5 years of experience. An ideal salary range for a five years experienced engineer would be between INR 5,00,000/Annum to 6,00,000/Annum i.e. 41000/Month to 50000/Month.

Here, I would like to point out one thing. If you are, a mechanical engineer with 5 years of experience but drawing a salary less than 40,000/Month then you are lagging somewhere. Please do your self-assessment and look for a better company.

To search for a better opportunity, always update (daily, if possible) your profile on the job sites, because recently updated profiles are kept on the top during searches. Hence, whenever companies search for a candidate they will see the updated profiles first and chances of their selection will be higher.

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I hope this article will help you, please give your valuable feedback and suggestions.

(Disclaimer: The salary ranges, which I have discussed above are based on my own experience and observations. Please do your research before concluding. I am a Mechanical Engineer with 13 years of work experience)