Earn extra income while working full time (YouTube Special)

Part-time earning or extra income is a dream of most of the persons in this world. Either you are a salaried person, student, businessman, Retired person, housewife or unemployed, extra income is always good.

In this article, I will list out two most efficient ways to earn extra money without affecting your present job or profession. But why I am so confident about these earning methods?

It is because; I am also using these two techniques for my part-time income with my regular job.

At present, I am easily making Rs. 50,000 to 60,000 in a month. However, this is not enough and I have a projected earning of Rs. 4,00,000/month with the same techniques within the next 2 years without affecting my present job.

Now I will list out those two methods of earning along with the correct strategy so that you will be able to earn smoothly and efficiently;

1. YouTube Videos 
2. Blogging 

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Now that you are quite familiar with me, let us start with our first earning method i.e. YouTube Videos.


How to start earning with YouTube:

how to create YouTube video

Uploading videos on YouTube is free of cost. You need not invest a single penny for this. Steps involved in uploading and earning through YouTube videos is as follows;

Step 1: Create your channel:

This is a very easy step and can be done within 1 minute. You can do it from your mobile phone or laptop. This does not require any expertise hence we will focus on step 2 i.e. on what topic I should make videos.

Step 2: On what topic I should make videos:


I would suggest to do some research before finalizing your subject/topic.

One question you must ask from yourself, do you really have an interest in the topic/subject you have selected. If your heart says yes then only you should take the next step. Because you can give your 100% only if, you have interest or passion about that particular topic. Otherwise, your effort will be half-hearted. Moreover, half-hearted works will never give you the desired results.

To help you further, I can suggest some topics. Please go through the topics and choose wisely as per your interest,

1. An Educational Channel:


If you are an experienced working professional, then you can think of topics in which you have some expertise. I will give you my example.

I am a Mechanical Engineer with 13 years of experience and most of my experience is in Welding and Non-Destructive Tests (NDT), these two fields are very vast and requires lots of expertise and study.

So I started a Youtube channel “Welding and NDT” (Channel Link: www.youtube.com/weldingandndt).

You can also start videos as per your experience and expertise, for example, if you have experience in HVAC or designing, start a video series on that, and so on.

You can make videos on the subjects which you have already studied or which you are studying at present if you are a student

For example, if you are a 3rd year Mechanical Engineering student, then you must be aware of the easy topics, difficult topics, and topics where most of the students are stuck in the 1st year and 2nd year.

You can plan your videos accordingly. Either you can start with all the subjects taught in the 1st and 2nd year or you can choose a specific subject on which you have a good command/passion and with time, you can start other subjects too like Engineering Physics, Mechanics, etc.

2. Educational videos on extra-curricular (or unconventional) activities:

There is a bigger demand on the videos of extra-curricular (or unconventional) teachings like;

  • Dance
  • Acting & Drama
  • Music
  • Drawings
  • Astrology
  • Physical fitness
  • Yoga
  • Cooking
  • Foods and Beverages
  • Sports
  • Driving
  • Gardening
  • Home decoration
  • Spiritual teachings
  • Career guidance
  • Parenting & childcare etc.
  • Share Market & Mutual Funds
  • Gadget review

Depending upon your interests and passion you can choose among the above-mentioned topics too. Most of these topics are rather more demanding and the audience base is more than the conventional educational channels.

However, before starting an educational channel, you must be confident on the following three things;

1. Your videos must be easy to understand and as short as possible
2. You must be able to make videos continuously
3. Your content must be as per the needs of today’s demand

If you are sure that, you can explain your topics easily and make continuous or series of videos as per the needs of viewers then you can proceed further.

Why those three things required?

Today YouTube has lots of videos on every topic; no topic is untouched on YouTube. Hence, to compete with the existing videos, you need to prove you are better.

YouTube judges the quality and contents of the video by artificial intelligence (AI) which nobody can decode but from my experience, YouTube pays attention to the videos on which the audience spends more time.

More time spent by the audience on your videos will send a signal that your videos are good and then YouTube will start showing your videos on the top of the search lists and suggested lists. Once your videos come on the priority list of YouTube, the opportunity for maximum earning will start.

Secondly, YouTube always looks for fresh content hence you must be able to make newer videos continuously at a regular interval. In that way, your channel will remain at the top of their priority lists.

3. Entertainment Videos:

how to make money by youtube

Entertainment videos have a larger audience base, especially if we compare it with educational videos. Hence, you can get more viewers on entertainment videos.

You can make solo entertainment videos or small drama/comedy/social message videos, along with a group of two, three, or more friends. The choice is yours, if you have a good concept and a group of friends then you can shoot small entertainment videos.

People love good content, hence no matter how you have shot the video. If you can deliver the message to the audience, they will watch your videos, even if it is a low budget. So never, worry about the budget and do not use costlier items/gadgets at the start.

You can even use a mobile camera and tripod if your budget is low.


For educational videos, a mobile camera is enough. Moreover, you can use a tripod or mobile stand to fix the mobile. Most of the Android mobiles come with very good inbuilt mic but you can use external mic also (if you wish).

The cost of a good tripod is approx… Rs. 1500 and that of a mobile stand is Rs. 250. Mic starts from Rs. 100. You can purchase all these items online from Amazon, Flipkart, or any other online shop as per your choice.

You can use the above-mentioned items for entertainment videos also. However, if your budget is high, then you can hire a professional videographer too. Nevertheless, I would personally not recommend, if you are a starter in this field.

I know about many YouTubers who started from scratch and now they are earning a hefty amount, which is beyond our imagination.

All these videos can be made without affecting your present job. If you are planning for educational videos, then on working days (at night after dinner) you can do your research and preparation for 1 to 2 hours and on Sunday you can shoot 1 or 2 videos. 1 video/week is ok with YouTube.

If your choice is Entertainment then you can utilize the weekdays (after dinner, 1 – 2 hours) in story and dialogue writing. On Sunday you can do some preparation/rehearsals. You may complete 1 video in a month (in 4 Sundays).

One video/month is not bad. If any of your videos go viral then you are all set to be a millionaire on YouTube. However, Viral videos are exceptional cases. In this article, we will discuss general practices to make money on YouTube.

Step3: Making and editing videos:

editing YouTube videos

After shooting a video, you need to edit that video too. Editing includes the following;

  1. cutting/splitting the videos,
  2. Merging the videos,
  3. Putting some text in the video Like “Please subscribe my channel”
  4. Putting some stickers in the video
  5. Muting some part of the video
  6. Improving/adjusting the color, contrast, lightness, etc. etc.

For editing, many free software as well as mobile apps are available. I personally use the “Inshot” mobile app to do all the editing.

Step 4: Uploading the video:

After editing the video, we need to upload the video on YouTube. Which is again a very simple task. There will be an upload icon on the top left corner. You have to simply click on the upload icon and choose your video, the uploading will start. Depending upon the size of the video and internet speed, the uploading time will vary.

At the time of uploading, you will have the option to make the video public soon after upload or later on. You can choose that option as per your requirements.


Thumbnails are the starting photo/icon, which you see on every video. You can design your thumbnails or YouTube also suggests some thumbnails from your video. You can use “fotojet.com” for designing thumbnails in a professional way for free.

Video Title & Description must be accurate or as accurate as possible If you want to succeed on YouTube.


Tags are relevant keywords related to your video. I would always recommend you to put relevant keywords only.

According to my personal experience, Video title, description and tags play a very small role in video rankings. Hence, please do not try to glorify your video by putting some extraordinary titles, descriptions, and tags. False or unnecessary/irrelevant details will negatively impact your channel.

The key to Success in YouTube is (Once again I am writing this);

1. Your videos must be easy to understand and as short as possible
2. You must be able to make videos continuously
3. Your content must be as per the needs of today’s demand

After uploading the video and making it to the public your work is over. Now no formality is left and you can start working on your next videos.

Strategy for increasing views of your YouTube videos:

If you are a starter, you need to put lots of extra effort to increase your reach and gain subscribers.

The best way to do this is “SHARING”. I have read many articles on how to increase views and subscribers, but practically speaking, there is only one formula i.e. sharing. In my case, this formula has always worked.

how to earn money

However, sharing must be done with proper planning, at proper timing, and at an appropriate place/platform.

What is a proper place (or platform) to share YouTube videos?

1. WhatsApp Groups:

Please read carefully its WhatsApp groups, not WhatsApp. Yes, there are plenty of Public WhatsApp groups available on the internet.

You need to search for the joining links of those groups on Google search.

Once you click on the joining link, you will be automatically joined in that group.

You need to join as many groups as you can. For good results, join groups that are related to your field only.

After joining the groups, start sharing your video link, with a one-line video description, and a request to subscribe to the channel.

WhatsApp groups are very effective to increase the views and grow your channel. This is my personal experience.

2. Facebook Groups:

The second most effective platform to share your videos is Facebook Groups. You need to join groups belonging to your field. Moreover, after joining, the groups start sharing your video link, with a one-line description and a request to subscribe to the channel.

You need to take care while sharing on Facebook groups, Facebook never allows spams and frequent messages. Hence, you need to share in a controlled manner

3. LinkedIn Groups:

In LinkedIn, also, there are many groups, but LinkedIn/LinkedIn groups are not as efficient as WhatsApp and Facebook groups. I have more than 7,800 followers on LinkedIn but I get very less traffic from LinkedIn. Hence, I would suggest you all focus on WhatsApp and Facebook groups for efficient sharing.

4. Create a Facebook page:

You can create a Facebook page by your channel name and share your video links there. You can also invite friends/connections to like your page. This technique is also less effective.

5. Instagram/Twitter/Telegram:

You can share on these social media platforms too. These apps never worked for me but still, you can try.

If you will search on the internet, many people suggest writing in quora, tumbler, Pinterest, reedit. You can try too. However, from my point of view, if your only concern is to increase your video views then these platforms are a wastage of time and energy.

Whenever you share your video link, please mention “subscribe my channel for updates”. I have seen this line always works. However, you can experiment with words also. Like you can use “Please share the links with your friends and ask them to subscribe too”. You can also think of some creative lines on your own to attract more subscribers.

How to earn money on YouTube:

Many people have a misconception that YouTube pays on the number of views or the number of subscribers. That is not true.

YouTube pays money only when someone watches an ad on your video. As you all know that YouTube shows Ads at the start of the video as well as somewhere in the middle/end of the video.

When someone watches the complete ad on your video then only it will be counted. My personal experience says, in general, 5 to 6 Ads are watched for every 1000 video views.

Ad rates depend on the many factors, But one main factor is the country. In the USA, Ad rates are very high. Whereas, in India, Ad rates are very less (sometimes less than Re 1).

There is no direct connection between video views and subscribers with the earning, but there is a very strong indirect connect connection among these;

If the audience retention on your video is more, YouTube will prioritize your videos and will show on the top of the search results or suggested videos.

YouTube users watch videos that are on the top of the search result or top of the suggested videos.

More number of views will give chances of more number of ads on your videos.

More ads will increase the chances of more revenue.

So friends, after learning about the earnings. A big question that comes to mind is: does YouTube show ads on any video?

The answer is “no”. You need to qualify for ads. The Qualification criteria are as follows

  1. Your channel must have minimum 1000 Subscribers
  2. Your channel must have a total of 4000 hours views in one year

Once your channel reaches the above qualification criteria, you can apply for ads and YouTube starts showing ads on your channel. You can say that your channel has been monetized and you can start earning through YouTube.

At first glance, the qualification criteria might look very tough especially the second criteria. Here the power of networking comes into the picture. Let me explain with an example:

If 4000 people watch, your video for 1 hour then watch time will be 4000 hours

If 8000 people watch, your video for 1/2 hour (30 min) then watch time will be 4000 hours

If 16000 people watch, your video for 1/4 hour (15 min) then watch time will be 4000 hours


If 2,40,000 people watch, your video for 1 min then watch time will be 4000 hours


The above calculation is for 1 video, If your channel has 10 videos then


If 24,000 people watch, your all 10 videos for 1 min then watch time will be 4000 hours


To make it easy let me summarize it, if your channel has, 10 videos then:

You need 24,000 people to watch your videos for 1 minute only and your channel will be monetized.

If your channel has 20 videos then you need 12,000 people to watch your all videos for 1 minute only and your channel will be monetized.

Now you would have understood that it is not tough and with the help of aggressive sharing on WhatsApp groups and Facebook groups, you can achieve this target on your own.

Finally, I would mention a very important point that with YouTube, your income can grow exponentially with time.

I would explain in simple words. Suppose this year (First year) your income is Rs 7000, If you continue to work, then next year (Second year) your annual income would be Rs.50000. If you continue with good videos at a regular interval then on the third year your revenue may go up by Rs 2,00,000 (Approx. Rs 16000/month). In the fourth year, you might earn Rs 5,00,000 (Rs 41,000/month) and so on. This is the power of exponential earning.

The above earning is just an example to illustrate the power of exponential earning. Your earning may depend on many other factors too.

Now that you have understood about earning on YouTube, our second earning method is blogging. However, since this article has become quite long, I will explain about blogging in the next part.

Please give your valuable comments and feedback