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How To Prepare For SSC CGL Exam

In this article, we will discuss how to prepare for the SSC CGL exam. We will also discuss the basics associated with this exam such as what is SSC, SSC SGL preparation strategy, best books for SSC CGL exam, Online mode for SSC CGL preparation like good websites, and youtube channels, etc. So let's start the topic. About SSC: The Government of India Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms vide its Resolution No. 46/1(S)/74-Estt. (B) dated the 4th November 1975 constituted a Commission called the Subordinate Services Commission which has subsequently been re-designated as Staff Selection Commission effective from the 26th September 1977 to make...

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How to start UPSC preparation from zero level

“The only thing that stands between a person and what they want in life is the will to try it and the faith to believe it is possible.” ― Rich DeVos   Hello everyone, this article is about UPSC preparation from zero levels. It will be helpful to those who are planning to start UPSC preparation. This article will also be very beneficial to those who are in class 10th, 12th, or graduation. In this article, we will explain the exam pattern, how to prepare for this exam, and the best books for this exam. We will also include some of the recent trends in...

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An Overview of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Insight in today's world: When it comes to make a professional degree choice after higher secondary, Mechanical Engineering is one of the most opted choices for many male students especially by the students who secure good positions/marks in higher secondary. Choosing the Engineering stream is quite challenging but it is considered to be future-orientated and practical. There are misconceptions that Mechanical Engineering graduates face difficulties in fetching a job opportunity, which is not 100 percent right. In fact, Mechanical Industries are one of the biggest industries in India and it is growing over time. We will give you some useful tips to fetch...

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Best Courses After 12th Commerce [Updated List]

TOP COURSES  AFTER  12TH  IN COMMERCE STREAM: In this article, we will discuss about the popular traditional courses after 12th commerce as well as the hot professional courses which could be pursued by the students after completion of class 12th in commerce.  Plenty of courses are available after completing class 12th with commerce stream. Various professional and vocational courses are available for commerce students. Here are some courses which are pursued mainly by commerce students:- BACHELOR OF COMMERCE(B.COM) BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION /MANAGEMENT(BBA/BBM) BACHELOR OF ECONOMICS BACHELOR OF BUSINESS STUDIES CHARTERED ACCOUNTANCY(CA) COMPANY SECRETARY PROGRAM(CS) BACHELOR OF LAW(LLB) Let’s discuss the above-mentioned programs/courses in detail;...

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Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharma or B.Pharm) Top Colleges, Syllabus, Fees, Salary and Jobs

WHAT IS B.PHARM OR B.PHARMA The full form of  B.Pharm (or B.Pharma) is Bachelor of Pharmacy. It is a four-year degree course which gives the fundamental knowledge of production, procurement, analysis, bioavailability, and dispensing of drugs. ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA Those who want to pursue B.Pharm (or B.Pharma) must have passed the 12th standard in the science stream with physics and chemistry as compulsory subjects. Many colleges conduct their own entrance exams. Most of the Colleges/Universities ask for a minimum of 55% passing marks in the 12th exam for writing the entrance tests for B.Pharma. TOP COLLEGES FOR DOING B.PHARM (OR B.PHARMA) The top 10 colleges in India...

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Constitution of India – List of all Articles, Parts and Schedules

In this article, a complete list of all articles, parts, and schedules of our constitution is given which is very useful for the UPSC/PCS and other Government exams. At the end of this article, a PDF download link of the constitution of India is also provided for those who want to download the constitution. The constitution of India starts with the preamble which is like an introduction of the constitution. After preamble other things viz. articles, parts and schedules are mentioned in the constitution. The list of articles, parts and schedules are given below;   PART I: THE UNION AND ITS TERRITORY (ARTICLE 1 TO...

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Salient Features of The Indian Constitution

The Indian Constitution is a very unique constitution in the world. It does not only contain various provisions but it is also provided that it can change itself with time. So our constitution is a living constitution that adjusts itself with the needs of its people and the country. For example in 1976 our constitution was amended which is known as the 42nd Amendment Act 1976, this amendment is known as the Mini constitution due to a large number of changes made in our constitution after 30 years of independence. In this article, we will discuss the 15 salient features of the Indian constitution.  ...

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Governor General of India

The Governor-General was the supreme post in India during the British era. Before the Governor-General's post, there was a post of Governor of Bengal (1757 – 74) and then Governor-General of Bengal (1774 – 1833). The post of governor-general of India started in 1833. From 1858, The governors-general were also named the Viceroy of India. After the revolt of 1857, The British government took the administration of India from the East India Company and the title of "Viceroy" was given to the Governor-General. The administration of India had directly come under the British Government after 1858 that’s why the word viceroy was used which meant...

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UPSC Prelims Question Papers (2009-2021)

UPSC Civil Services (Prelims) Exam Previous Years Question Papers (in PDF) Yearwise previous year question papers of the Civil Services (Prelims) exams are given below in both English and Hindi language. You can download the pdf of these question papers. Year: 2021  General Studies Paper-I (GS)  General Studies Paper-II (CSAT) Year: 2020  General Studies Paper-I (GS)  General Studies Paper-II (CSAT) Year: 2019  General Studies Paper-I (GS)  General Studies Paper-II (CSAT) Year: 2018  General Studies Paper - I (GS)  General Studies Paper - II (CSAT) Year: 2017 General Studies Paper - I General Studies Paper - II Year: 2016 General Studies Paper I (GS) General Studies...

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Lok Adalat

Due to the huge number of pending cases in the courts, there was a requirement for an alternative dispute redressal mechanism. Lok Adalat is one of the better solutions to this problem. In Lok Adalat, the decisions are made fast and in a harmonious manner which is accepted by both parties. The Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987 has accorded statutory status to the Lok Adalats. In fact, the provision of Lok Adalat is a big step to fulfill the directions given in the directive principles of state policy (Article 39 A) of our constitution. Lok Adalat is a platform where the pending cases in the...

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gf – bf

So, what exactly is a girlfriend (gf) or boyfriend (bf)? A girlfriend or boyfriend is a person with whom you share a romantic relationship. They are someone you are deeply connected to, love, and care for. Spending time together, going on dates, and sharing thoughts and feelings are all part of a gf/bf relationship. The...

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