An Overview of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Insight in today’s world:

When it comes to make a professional degree choice after higher secondary, Mechanical Engineering is one of the most opted choices for many male students especially by the students who secure good positions/marks in higher secondary. Choosing the Engineering stream is quite challenging but it is considered to be future-orientated and practical. There are misconceptions that Mechanical Engineering graduates face difficulties in fetching a job opportunity, which is not 100 percent right. In fact, Mechanical Industries are one of the biggest industries in India and it is growing over time. We will give you some useful tips to fetch an opportunity at the bottom of this article.

Transiting life phase from schooling and getting into Mechanical Engineering:

Though Mechanical Engineering is one of the evergreen streams of engineering but understanding the syllabus and completing the degree is not an easy task for many students. One needs to be serious in the study along with study, the students need to have Practical knowledge about the industry, both plays an important role in the successful completion of Degree. There are many Leading companies that provide Industrial training/Internships for Students. Many students belong to some colleges, which doesn’t provide Internship opportunity to its students, and also the students are unable to find a company to get internships, but still need not to be worry. Here are some solutions, one can take the help of Job Portals, which especially provide Internship opportunities such as LinkedIn, Internshala,, Evalground, Internqueen, etc.

Mechanical Engineering Graduates Industrial scope in the real world:

Mechanical Engineer Graduates are demanded by companies from almost all sectors of the engineering industry. Below are the examples of the sectors;

  • Aerospace industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Chemicals industry
  • Construction industry
  • Defense industry
  • Fast-moving consumer goods industry
  • Marine industry
  • Materials and metals industry
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Pharmaceuticals industry
  • Power generation industry
  • Rail industry
  • Utilities industry
Industrial scope for Mechanical Engineers:

There are several divisions/departments in which Mechanical Engineering graduates can pursue their careers such as Production, Quality, Tool Designing, Layout & Piping’s, Project Engineers, R &D Engineering, Equipment Engineering, Maintenance Engineering, Procurement Engineering, Project Inspection, etc. There are many Industries, which belong to Mechanical Field and they strive to acquire compatible Mechanical Engineers and they have a huge demand for Mechanical Engineers. In Mechanical Industries, the HR department Heads always work on annual Manpower Planning and Budgeting in accordance with their companies Order procurements, Production plans, and estimation execution time. To fulfill their requirements, they crave for Fresh Graduates/ Experience professionals. Since the requirements are huge and the deadline of filling out those positions are also very tight or crucial, to fulfill the positions and hiring candidates in bulk they take services of local Placement agencies, who deal in the relevant industries. So, if you are a Mechanical degree holder looking for an opportunity, try approaching the companies’ HR team via applying to the company’s career site/updating your resume on different job portals, dealing in the relevant industry, and last but not the least, search for the local placement agencies which deal in the relevant sector. With your right approach and following all three-way search processes will keep you updated and also help you out in getting an opportunity.

Search and float your profile to the placements agencies dealing with Mechanical industries is a good option to submit your CV in the relevant companies looking for a candidate similar to your skills, The Placement agencies keep updating/filtering their candidate’s database from time to time and also they prefer candidates having latest knowledge industries trend / technically sound and with right CV formatting along with soft skills/ technical skills/ education/ project details/ Internship details and in case of an experienced professional, the previous experience/ Roles and responsibilities should be written clearly.  Apart from these, you should have good presentation skills/ impressive communication/ properly groomed while attending an Interview. We at Growth Hub Consultants are working for many known companies from Mechanical Industries. We help companies to fill their vacancy faster with the best suitable candidates. We are one of the most prominent Recruitment partners to many known and leading companies from various sectors. We bridge the gap between Companies and candidates.

Skills A Mechanical Engineers must have:

1) Must have good theoretical and practical knowledge of the Industries and their innovative trends which keep implementing from time to time. one should be updated with all industrial updates.

2) Must have good skills such as technical, soft skills, and good communication skills.

3) Must have a good academic record,

4) Must have done good projects during Industrial training/internship.

Mechanical Engineers day to day activities:

Mechanical engineers are expected to conduct R & D, Tool Design, development, and test mechanical and thermal sensors and devices, including tools, die, engines, and machinery.

Roles & Responsibilities:

Mechanical engineers take care of the following responsibility and do the following:

  • Analyze problems in Mechanical & thermal devices, make reports and work on the solutions.
  • Designing or implementing the designs of mechanical & thermal devices, using analysis tools and CAD
  • Investigate equipment failures and finding the root cause for faulty operation and its remedies
  • Develop designs & and its system.
  • Conduct test and analyze the test results and implement the design/system as needed
  • Check and oversee the manufacturing process.

Mechanical engineering is one of the largest engineering streams. Mechanical engineers are responsible for designing and analyzing the manufacturing of many products including the biggest equipment to the smallest one.

Mechanical engineers also design power-producing systems/machines, such as solar power equipment, generators, internal combustion engines, steam and gas turbines, as well as power-consuming machines, such as refrigeration and air-conditioning systems.

Mechanical engineers also design machines inside buildings, such as elevators and escalators. They also design material-handling systems, such as conveyor systems and automated heat transfer stations.

A vast field of Mechanical engineering is Automotive Industry and its R & D department including Auto research engineers work on improving the performance of cars.

In large Manufacturing plants. there are requirements of Mechanical Engineers such as Heating and cooling systems engineers

Robotic engineers are also much-demanded profiles in Mechanical Industries.

Mechanical engineers generally work in offices/Plants. They may occasionally visit worksites where there is a fault or piece of equipment that needs their personal attention.


This article is written by;

Mrs. Swati Anand

CEO – Growth Hub Consultants  (New Delhi)